ACT recognizes that quality repair is just one fact of asset care. Achieving the highest level of reliability and availability requires a commitment to a total service package that includes:

  • Engineering
    Appropriate machine design and engineering to meet customer requirements.
  • Operations
    Recommendations and support for proper operation of equipment within design parameters.
  • Maintenance
    Preventative measures for optimizing performance and avoiding costly failures.

ACT responds to these requirements through engineered solutions for customers:

  • Engineering and design focus for custom manufactured components with consideration for materials, service and process conditions.
  • Operational strategies and support for optimal equipment performance in the field.
  • Preventative maintenance management services: sustaining asset operations at the highest level of reliability and availability

ACT provides Supervisors and Technicians for the maintenance of your centrifugal compressors. Our experience will help you improve reliability and reduce expenses.

Experience Pays

You will benefit from our proven repair procedures and our experience with all machinery lines. Customers report that we complete projects faster, and with fewer people, than our competitors. The result is less downtime, and lower overall costs for you.


  • Auto Desk Inventor 2013 - CAD
  • Ansys 14.5 software - FEA
  • Rotalign ™ Ludeca inc.
  • Rad Gun
  • E-RCM - ACI
  • Adept PDM Software
  • Hydraulic Torque Wrenches
  • Quality Management System